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Cisco Packet Tracer Setup and Use

Cisco Packet Tracer

Packet tracer is a network simulation tool and this application let the users to create and experiment with different types of networks like routers,switches,PCs and more. Packet tracer application is developed by Cisco. The latest version of packet tracer application is 8.0. Packet tracer app is compatible with windows 7, windows 8.1, windows 10, Linux and mac OS.

Packet tracer app is free to download and use but need to register for netacad networking academy and this registration is also free.

The key features of packet tracer include

  • Unlimited devices
  • Self-paced
  • E-learning
  • Real time mode and simulation mode
  • Supports most of the networking protocols

Packet trace is good for CCNA level.  It creates virtual network with unlimited number of devices, encourage to practice and design scenarios with multiple tools.

Step by step guide process to install packet tracer application:

  1. Click on the packet tracer download button.
  2. After that click on the downloaded exe file. The new window will open, in that click next.
  3. On the next screen, accept the end user license agreement.
  4. Select the default location of packet tracer application download and click browse.
  5. On the next page, asking the additional tasks like desktop icon and quick launch icon with Cisco packet tracer application.
  6. Then the installation process starts. Click install to proceed or edit the changes to use the back button.
  7. After clicking the install button, the installation process is in progress.
  8. Then the next window shows, the installtion of packet tracer is complete. Now, we can use the application.

The packet tracer application version is displayed on the about screen. This app let users to create large and complex networks. By using the packet tracer app, users can create the network topologies and can practice multiple scenarios. Ones we can understand about switches, routers and cables, we can operate packet tracer without the help.

Steps to use the packet tracer:

  1. The basic thing in the packet tracer is to add a PC to the workstation. To add the PC, click on the end devices section on the bottom of the page.
  2. Drag and drop the PC icon to the workstation.
  3. By double clicking the PC, we can open the hardware settings window. Here we can add the modules to the PC.
  4. We can assign the IP addresses,default gateways, subnet masks to the PC that we add in previous step. Double click on PC button, then select the desktop icon. Select the ipconfiguration.

If we have a DHCP server in the network topology, then enable the DHCP option or otherwise change static to manually assign the ip address and configure it. We don’t need to save the settings because once we close the ‘X’ button it will be saved automatically. Then select the command prompt on the CMD. Here we can enter the ipconfig command.

  1. To add a Cisco switch, click network switches and then select switch. Afterthat,select the switch models and then drag it to the workspace. Once the switch is added to workspace, click once on the switch. The properties of the switch are displayed. Here we can change the name and hostname of the switch in the workspace. If you want to config the switch using commands, select CLI option.
  2. After adding a PC and switch to workspace, then we can connect these devices with proper cable. Select the network cables, click 1 and then 2. Select the straight cable from the picture. Add cable to the switch to PC. The cable is in green color if its correct cable.

In the same way we can add routers as well using the packet tracer.

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