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Cisco IT Training

Cisco IT Training

Cisco is a globally recognized IT and networking company, as such it is also responsible for training professionals in the industry and in doing so, be setting the standards for professionals in the workplace. Training provides a foundation for professionals to learn the right habits and protocol in dealing with different situations. Cisco provides technical training in the fields of Internet of Things, Data Centres, Network Programmability and Collaboration.

The Collaboration certification focuses on specializing in the use of collaborative technologies such as Cisco’s TelePresence deployments. Cisco telepresence is a system for creating a digital collaborative environment that allows users to have immersive meetings. The Collaboration certification lets a candidate understand how to plan, design, implement and maintain a Cisco TelePresence deployment. The Collaboration certification also caters to the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise specialization, teaching candidates how to design, deploy configure and troubleshoot a system with minimal downtime and optimal performance.

The Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) certification and training caters to the growing use of IoT in the world. An IoT specialist learns the foundational skills to implement, operate, support, and administer a networked industrial control system. They will also learn about the aspects of IoT such as the information technology and operational technology aspects. Furthermore, candidates will learn how to keep IoT networks secure and available to users.

Cisco and NetApp created a FlexPod converged infrastructure platform for computing, storage and networking designed to be scalable and flexible data centres. Cisco’s Data Centre training course educates candidates in how to implement and administer these devices to get the maximum performance out of them. A candidate is tested on their knowledge of tools and standards for assessing the FlexPod’s performance, characteristics and requirements.

Finally, the Network Programmability training course enhances a candidate’s networking skills by using software skills to develop network applications in programmable environments. Network programmability helps a network engineer or network administrator automate tasks. A candidate would require knowledge on automation protocols, data models, APIs and how to manage industrial networks.

Cisco provides training for not only networking certifications but also many common IT fields that can also benefit networking professionals and other IT fields alike. The training is designed to ensure that the professional understands the equipment under their care and that they have the skills and knowledge required to install, configure, maintain and access the higher functions of their systems.

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