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May 29
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CCNA Certification Importance – First step up the ladder

Before we talk about CCNA certification, it is important to understand that what does the CCNA stands for. Why it is so important in networking? Why the CCNA salary is higher as compared to non-certified Network Engineers? Why do all the networking companies ask for CCNA certification under mandatory requirements for networking jobs? If the companies want the candidate to be CCNA certified to qualify for the networking position, it signifies that the CCNA certification is an important factor for getting networking jobs all around the world particularly in Australia if we are to go by the statistics.

The CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate which is an information technology certification from a company called CISCO. The CCNA full form is self-explanatory as this certification gives a detailed knowledge about networking. We study about networking in our Bachelors and Masters. But there are some limitations in our curriculum as the CCNA syllabus is wide and cannot be included in its whole during the academic studies. To gain the practical knowledge in the field of networking, it becomes apparent that we need to undertake CCNA training from an authorized provider to understand the CCNA meaning and its essence and then sit for the CCNA exam as sitting for the CCNA exam without preparation and paying the CCNA exam fees repeatedly is not economical. CCNA is a foundation level certification of networking. So, for those starting their career in networking, studying the CCNA syllabus and then getting certified can play significant role in leading their career in right direction.

This certification has played a significant role in shaping up my networking career. Though I studied networking in my Post-Graduation and had significant theoretical knowledge, my practical knowledge was very limited. So, I decided to get trained for CCNA certification and then sit for the CCNA exam. During my training, I got the opportunity to get detailed knowledge of various CCNA concepts such as routing, switching, network security, service provider, wireless and so on. I also got to work on the simulator called Packet Tracer v3 which is very close to the real set-ups such as Smart Rack. Working on a simulator is important as it imparts us with practical knowledge because we design and configure the network by ourselves. So, it gets easier to learn from our mistakes and their solutions.

There are a lot of CCNA commands to learn and use while configuring the network. If we read and memorise these commands, it may take ages to get familiar with those commands. But by using a simulator like a packet tracer and applying these commands while designing the networks, it gets easier to get acquainted with the commands. In the CCNA exam, there are several multiple-choice questions, which require a person to have both the theoretical and practical knowledge. So, in-depth knowledge and hands-on practice of all the units in CCNA syllabus is necessary.

I would just like to conclude by saying that the CCNA certification has helped me a great deal in getting the grip of networking and progressing further in my networking career.

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