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May 17
CCNA Certification Faq

Want to become a perfect CCNA? CCNA Certification FAQ’s

The CCNA Certification is an entry level certification in networking.  It covers a comprehensive set of topics in this field. For instance, topics like networking concepts, IP Address, types of networks and so on. If you need to land a job in the networking field that uses CISCO routers and switches, you definitely need to pass CCNA certification. Because the CCNA certification is conducted by Cisco and passing the exam is proof that you have mastered the fundamentals of networking. As of today, millions of individuals have passed the CCNA certification and have flourished in their career. In this post we have tried our best to explian all CCNA certification Faq‘s with proper guidance and instruction, you can easily get through the CCNA exam.

  1. Is CCNP certificate still valuable?

The CCNP certificate is still valuable in the present context. While HR professionals screen for resumes, one of the first things that they look out for is certifications. A certificate in CCNP will fetch you an interview and help you clear the first round of the interview. The rest is upto your capability to convince the management that you will be a right fit for the position. The CCNP certification has been rated as the best computer networking certifications according to Atlantis University. Moreover, it is among the 15 top paying certifications during the year 2017. Based on these ratings and the general value for a CISCO certification, clearly proves that the CCNP certificate is still valuable.

  1. Can I study CCNA in one week?

The CCNA syllabus covers the fundamentals of networking. If you are already familiar with the fundamental of networking, working on the CCNA syllabus for a couple of weeks may be good enough to cover the theory part of it. Then, you may need to become familiar with practicing the practical part. A fresher to the topic will generally take 30 days to cover the entire syllabus of CCNA (both theory and practical’s). If you find it difficult to understand the topics yourself, you can join in a networking program and gain the assistance of a senior professional who is expert in CCNA. However, give a maximum period of 30 days to prepare for the CCNA program.

  1. How beneficial is the Cisco CCNA certification course?

The Cisco CCNA certification course adds a lot of weightage to your resume as it is recognized throughout the world. The Cisco CCNA certification proves that you are sound in the computer networking fundamentals. It is the first step in the computer networking industry and doesn’t have any pre-requisites. A person with both technical and non-technical background is equally eligible to take part in the CCNA program. There are wide choice to specialize including Routing and switching, Security, Voice, Wireless, Data center, etc. Choose an area of interest and continue to advance in the Cisco certifications for a promising career path.

  1.  How can I get a job after getting CCNA certification?

Your likelihood of getting through an interview is very high after your CCNA certification. If you have gained expert level knowledge in the basics of computer networking, then you have a good chance to clear the interview panel. Plus a good amount of practical experience will add value to your resume.

Almost, everyone started their network career path with a CCNA and have gone great heights. Post your resume in several job portals so that you get noticed among employers. Emphasize your networking knowledge and practical exposure to the employers. If everything goes well, you are well on your way to getting the first job in the computer networking industry.

  1. What do I require to successfully pass CCNA?

A good amount of dedication and a sound studying plan will be required to successfully pass the CCNA exam. The CCNA curriculum covers a vast number of topic that include IP Address, Subnetting, Network communication, Routing protocols, BHCP, Switching, VLAN etc. In order to cover these topics, you should have a good lesson plan to study the fundamentals of networking.

If you are unable to understand the concepts by yourself, you can always seek for expert assistance. Since there are vast amount of topics, you may need at least 30 days to prepare exclusively for the CCNA exam to pass the exam. With expert advice, dedication and a sound study plan you can definitely crack the CCNA exam successfully.

  1. How do I get an entry level job in computer networking?

Once you have successfully completed the CCNA program, your likelihood of being called for an interview and getting a job is much better. Companies generally prefer candidates you have sound knowledge of the basics of networking and a practical exposure. With the CCNA exam, you can prove to the interview panel that you have both.

The CCNA exam is the passport to your entry level job in the computer networking field. Much like how the CCNA program is an entry level program in the computer networks. If two people apply for a computer networking position, the one with the certification has a higher chance of being selected for the job position, because the CCNA certification demonstrates the expert level of knowledge and practical exposure towards computer networking concepts.

  1. How do I prepare for a CCNA certification exam in Melbourne?

First of all, buy a CCNA book that is approved for preparing for the CCNA program. Set aside specific hours for preparing for the CCNA exam everyday. The CCNA exam covers indepth knowledge of the fundamentals of the computer networking concepts. Having an indepth knowledge of the computer networking fundamentals is essential to pass the CCNA exam.

Commit yourself to spending hours each day to studying the CCNA materials and acquiring a thorough understanding of the networking concepts. Seek for expert advice if you need help in mastering some of the concepts in networking. Seeking expert advice, setting aside a sound study plan and being committed is the road map to passing the CCNA exam.

At this point of time, you should be familiar about the CCNA program – more precisely about how to prepare for the exam, how to pass the exam and further how to get a job. Millions of people have undertaken the CCNA exam and have made the best out of their career with an astute knowledge on computer networks.

Upon your interests, you should continually update your knowledge with higher level of certifications if you wish to grow in this field. As, CCNA is the stepping stone to the computer networking field, higher certifications like CCNP, CCIE should be considered if you want to grow as a senior network engineer and excel in your career. We wish you all the best and promise to be by your side on your efforts to study and pass the CCNA exam.

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