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May 08
Business Analysis

Can an Aspiring Analyst Benefit from a Business Analysis Certificate?

The most frequently asked question related to the business analyst is that as an aspiring business analyst should an individual opt for some type of certification in business analysis? Is it worth it? Before we just come out and directly answer this question, let’s take a look at it objectively. Let’s look at the pros and cons. We will go ahead and start with the pros.

Business Analysis


  • As a hiring manager, if someone had two candidates that were very similar or maybe identical, but one of them had a certification and the other one did not. The manager would, of course, choose the person and hire the person that has the certification. So a certification can help give you a leg up not only in the hiring process but more importantly in the resume process before getting an interview so that certification can help you through that first initial stage where all those applications and resumes are submitted and get you into the interview chair where you can then sell yourself and your skills.
  • Another big positive to getting this is the fact that you are going to learn. You have to learn something to then pass that end exam and get your certification. So, taking any type of course, anything, where you are learning and enhancing your skills or learning novel skills is very important and certification can be a structured way for you to be able to complete that learning.
  • Finally, another positive beginning in certification is that you can boost confidence. When you pass that exam if you have worked really hard, you have taken the courses, you have studied, you go in, you nail that exam, you are going to have a lot of confidence and that confidence is going to show when you get into that interview chair. It’s going to take some of the anxiety away because you know a lot of information and you can confidently answer a lot of those questions come up.


Let’s go ahead and look at some of the cons of getting a certification.

  • The most obvious one is the time effort it takes to get a certification. You ought to pass an exam. So, to pass an exam you have to do something to prepare for.
  • Secondly, exams cost money. You have to pay to prepare for that exam.

Now, that we have broken down some of the pros and cons, let’s go ahead and weigh them. Weighing both the pros and the cons, it’s very much obvious that the business analysis certifications are absolutely mandatory. Barring that you pass the exam the little bit of money and effort that you need to put in is nothing compared to landing a business analyst position. You are going to be making that money back tenfold for your yearly salary plus you are being in your dream role.

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