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Business Support Applications

Business Support Applications

Business support is essentially customer support but aimed more towards businesses. Business support involves being able to provide a point of contact for customers to contact the business so that any complaints or service requests can be dealt with. Whether the type of support being provided is phone support, online support, email support or remote support, some type of software is required for the business and its support technicians to keep track and manage customers and their service requests or problems. Providing good business support leaves customers with a good customer experience and so creates value for the business. Some business support software offers knowledgebases and community forums, assisting business support technicians with quickly and efficiently diagnosing and repairing any problems customers might have.

A good business support application is powerful and supports essential tools a business support technician would need to communicate and assist a customer. Some important tools a business support application might have are a ticket management system, multi-platform interaction channels, knowledge bases and task automation.

A ticket management system helps prevent issues such as customer requests being lost and unattended, creating a bad experience for the customer and an outstanding problem being unresolved. Multi-platform interaction capabilities allow the software to facilitate business support technicians communicating with customers through different channels such as social media, over the phone, email, mobile app or online. Having a consolidated view of customer interactions allows business support technicians to more easily access the customer and gather whatever information and data they need to resolve the problem.

Knowledgebases are a repository of information and knowledge from the whole business that is maintained so that all employees can access it and improve their efficiency and effectiveness when solving problems. Often, any problems customers encounter are not the first time such problems have been encountered and resolved, once resolved, a business support technician may enter the solution or workaround into the business’ knowledge base so that other business support technicians have access to the solution. A knowledgebase makes finding a solution more convenient for known issues or common issues.

Task automation allows a business support technician to attend to more customers, faster. Many interactions with customers are general and frequent issues that can be solved by simply emailing directions of the solution to the customer or issues that can be resolved with a quick change of simple settings. Automation can send off a pre-typed email with instructions for a customer or a script could be run that reduce minutes or hours of work to something that can be done in a split second by a computer.

In conclusion, the right business support application can make a big difference in ensuring that customers are happy with the service they receive. Business support technicians can provide faster, higher-quality support if they have a powerful, robust business support application they can depend on to help them help the customer.

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