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Mar 17
Corona Virus

How to best use your time in a Lockdown?

CoronaVirus (aka COVID-19) is now widespread around the world, and the situation has become a pandemic. It is worsening day-by-day, life as we know it is severely obstructed; the number of cases is increasing by the minute, and the death toll is rising; we are witnessing a once in a lifetime event. The economies are struggling; businesses are shutting down; literally, every industry we know is impacted and declining. Governments around the world are frantically trying to keep the economy running by introducing stimulus packages. Businesses are slowing down, jobs are drying up, and it all seems to be heading towards doom.

Way back in 1918, the influenza pandemic was a similar situation. The death toll from it is estimated to be anywhere between 17 million to 50 million; the interesting thing to note is that the human race may not have been technologically ready to face a pandemic situation at that time. The World Health Organization (WHO) and most countries are doing their best to find a cure and protect their citizens from COVID-19. The general advice is to self-isolate to prevent getting infected and to stop the spread of the virus.

Did you know about the lockdown in Italy? Unfortunately, we are inching towards that situation in Australia. Have you thought about what you will do at home if the Australian Government orders a lockdown?

It is the perfect time to upskill.

Upskilling is an excellent opportunity, while you cannot do most things you are normally used to doing, e.g. dining out, movies, clubs, pubs, sporting events, and attending social gatherings etc. Improving your technical skills by signing up for online virtual training and learning about new technologies, e.g. cloud computing courses or cybersecurity courses while you are stuck at home may be a great idea.

From past experience, we know this situation cannot last forever and sooner or later the situation will be back to normal and as things start going back to routine, there will be a huge push for everything which had been slowed down. It is at that time you will appreciate the value of time spent on upskilling after all the most valuable asset is time.

The businesses will start hiring to cover up for the lost productivity, and the time you invested in learning new technologies can provide you with the opportunity to get a better job or get your first IT job. Money to most people is more important than most things; however, investing time and money in these unusual circumstances to develop your skills will pay off. Do not waste this precious time and learn from home. Think wisely and make a decision you are proud of when things return to normal.

During this downtime, attend IT certification courses, Job Programs and career counselling to boost your career.

Through live virtual training, you can attend instructor-led, hands-on training from home and interact with trainers in real-time.

A number of training providers offer live training, don’t lose time and this precious opportunity.


Nothing lasts forever, and neither will Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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