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Aug 27

Best MSCA Study Tips

The MCSA certification exam is a very challenging one and we must give it all we have to be successful at our first attempt. We need to dedicate our time and other resources, and we are also required to develop a study strategy to make the best of our preparation time. To help us with this, I have highlighted several MCSA study key tips that we can immediately put in action to start preparing for our exam.

  1. Microsoft Virtual Academy: Microsoft Virtual Academy is a learning resource available directly from Microsoft that is dedicated to providing free online training and help to those interested in Microsoft technology. It contains a host of videos, presentations and other information across a massive number of Microsoft technologies. It also includes information about the course and what we will face during the exam The content in Microsoft Virtual Academy is brilliantly useful alongside revision or as a starting point for our learning.
  2. Revision guide: Revision guides can help us structure our revision in a way that best suits our learning style. It comprehensively cover the content that we will be tested on in our exam. We can use study guides to help reinforce our learning and cover areas we may have missed along the way. We can also study at our own pace, depending on when our exam date is.
  3. Join a Microsoft forum: It can be a great way to mix with like-minded people and share experiences joining a community to help prepare for an exam . It helps to bounce ideas off others, gain insight from those who have passed the exam and share knowledge and resources to help studying.The These forums are useful for guidance and information whether we are sitting for an exam or just looking for help with a specific Microsoft query.
  4. Take a practice test: Mock tests are of great importance to get used to with the exam format, and prepare for the type of questions and topics that we will face in the real thing. It is also a great way to benchmark our learning and identify gaps in knowledge.
  5. Take a MCSA course : There is no substitute for engagaing ourself in a training course and learning from the experts. We can sit in a classroom free from distraction with candidates who are focused on passing the same exam. We can also benefit from hands-on experience with insight and supervision from instructors.
  6. Avoid brain dumps: We should avoid brain dumps at all cost. Brain dumps are illegal in the context of taking Microsoft exams. Brain dumps will not provide us with the knowledge we need to use Microsoft Windows Server 2016 in real-world scenarios. Plus, if we are found to be using one when studying for, or sitting the MCSA exam, we will be immediately disqualified.
  7. Download a trial version of Windows Server: One of the very important way to prepare for the exam is to get hands-on with the software. Microsoft provide a trial version of Windows Server 2016 R2 which is available to download immediately.
  8. Join a Microsoft study group: Joining a study group is another amazing way to connect with like-minded people who are focusing on the same goal as us. Study groups are designed to help us and others share study tips and experiences about our exam. It’s a great way to stay motivated.
  9. Take a Windows Server practice lab: Practice labs are another great way to get hands on with Windows Server 2016 in a safe environment using guided learning. If we are less experienced at using the software, we can gain hands-on experience without causing any issues that we are not yet experienced enough to fix.
  10. Download a Microsoft study app: There are plenty of apps out there that can help us study for exams. Whilst these should not be solely relied upon when revising, they can be useful tools to suit a specific need and are helpful for studying on the go. Below are some of the best Windows Server study guides.

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