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Best ITIL Study Tips

ITIL study

— Take an online course which will help you to speed up the learning.

— Before studying for the course, it is great to help if you read relevant content around the topics, get familiar with the general principles. There are topics to read around ITIL. While reading you can find some topics interesting for you and you can go deeper into those topics.

— During the course: Understanding the concepts is the key during the course. Asking questions and make sure you understand the concepts helps to answer questions related to the topic. ITIL is interlinked topics you need to understand before going into deeper concepts.

— Make your own notes for the concepts with various domain-based examples. Making notes will help to revise later stage as well as helps to relate to different domains.

— Examples are a great way to relate the knowledge. For every concept make examples of real-world experience. Make use of your own expertise domain knowledge of the real-world situation and relate the concepts with real-world experiences you have. There are some topics which ITIL treats as a separate unit but in real-world scenario they are interlinked, and we have a better understanding of those examples.

— Read through the contents at least twice to understand the concepts, scope, and examples. Any questions should be clarified before.  Axelos provides a mobile app to take practice exams and also gives tips while going through the questions.

— Google for service management diagrams and study them and understand. These concepts will help you to understand the focus around it to answer questions correctly.

— Do few mock-up tests. Once you are confident in the concepts then try answering the mock-up tests. When you complete the test check the wrong answers and look at the concepts which you need to study again to get a clear understanding.

— Write the exam while your knowledge is fresh: While you finished studying then it is better to book for the exam straight away, so your memory will be still fresh, and you have more confidence.

— There are 40 questions and 60 minutes are given. That means for every question you have more than 1 minute to answer, do with confidence, and with a lot of thinking.

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