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Aug 16
ITIL Study Tips

Best ITIL Study Tips

IT infrastructure library has become the de facto framework in IT service industry and IT service management. ITIL basically is a framework that allows us to take the pieces that are applicable and the most beneficial to us in order to deploy and support our IT service management activities. For obtaining ITIL certification, consider taking an ITIL Foundation course from an authorised training provider before sitting for the foundation exam is recommended. It is important gain knowledge from an industry specialist who are proficient in ITIL. These few things to keep in mind before appearing for exam:

  1. Read about the topics from authentic resources before you go for course. It will help you understand in detail once the course begins. There are loads of different sources of interesting and relevant content, so explore to find what works best for you.
  2. Ask questions and be interactive during the course. Understanding the concepts will help you answer the questions that could show up in the exam. As everything in ITIL is interlinked, you might get into doubt so ask your trainer.
  3. Use real world examples and relate them to ITIL process to get deeper understanding of concepts. Your trainer is likely to use real scenario examples – feel free to create your own for your work place.
  4. The exam covers the five ITIL life-cycle stages as separate units, but in reality, they are very closely interlinked and work parallel with each other.
  5. The questions asked in the Foundation exam are designed to test your knowledge of ITIL theory based on the information provided in publications and training. It is possible when answering these questions to ignore the small things that might happen differently in real world scenarios. Your answers must be based on course material.
  6. Solve practice paper for self-test. It will make you confidant that you know how process work and can help identify areas you can improve on. For questions you answered wrong, try redoing them until you understand where you made mistake. You can download a Foundation sample exam paper online.
  7. You can use AXELOS Foundation ITIL App which contains hundreds of sample questions with answers.
  8. Before the exam, you will be asked if you want to be a part of the online successful candidates Register. Make sure to sign up so that you can show employers and recruiters that you’re certified.

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