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Best 5 Free Network Monitoring Software

Network Monitoring Software

Network monitoring tools are the specialized software that continuously keeps track of the status of the network in use, to have the earliest warning of failures, defects or problem and to improve them. Monitoring the network is one of the critical processes in IT where networking components like routers, switches, servers, firewalls, virtual machines etc. has to be evaluated continuously to maintain and optimize their availability of those components.

Based on the features and functionality, here is the list of 5 free network monitoring software which might help you monitor your network with ease.

  1. Spiceworks
  • It is a free network monitoring tool that comes along with the Spiceworks monitoring and management solution suite. If offers many free IT management tools including inventory management and cloud monitoring.
  • It provides real-time alerts and status for most of the infrastructure devices, displays how fast the user takes time to respond and how long does it take to close the incident requests.
  • It tracks servers for CPU utilization, disk utilization, memory utilization, network data rate and packet loss.
  • It is a great tool to track so many metrics in one single application. The ticketing system is very clean and efficient.
  1. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
    • This monitoring tool acts as a glass pane that provides a comprehensive network monitoring capability along with forecast and capacity planning.
    • Customization is the key feature of this software as it provides a highly customizable and easy interface to navigate and manage your tasks quickly.
    • Provides real-time traffic monitoring of critical network components and also monitors hardware health of all peripheral devices connected to the network.
  2. Cacti
    • It is another powerful network monitoring tool that collects data from almost any network element and put those data into robust graphs.
    • This tool uses network pooling and data grouping functionality to collect information on devices on networks of any size.
    • It allows you to add multiple users and give them access with or without permissions, which is ideal for service providers and enterprises.
  3. Nagios
    • It monitors the critical assets of the network by providing insight into the devices that are not functioning properly or if failed.
    • It has a large community-based user who has developed scripts and there are just about anything you could get from internet to monitoring solution.
    • It has a vast number of configurations capabilities, great customization feature and can be configured to your exact needs.
    • It provides a Birdseye view for the devices on your network whether its online or offline if the service is accessible or not and can alert admins with its deep level of monitoring tool.
  4. Zabbix
    • Zabbix is one of the popular open-source software that includes a network monitoring tool. And due to its open-source nature, it can easily integrate Zabbix to other front-end platforms.
    • This tool provides you option to deeply customise of conditions. In turn, it gives you the ability to perform nearly any scripted action in a wide variety of scenarios.
    • It monitors the most kind of IT solutions. The deployment process is relatively easy.
    • It is scalable and robust that doesn’t need many resources to run.

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