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Jun 10
benefits of software testing

Benefits of Software Testing

Today, software applications are everywhere. You might not be aware that you are using it every day. Let me tell you that smartphones are an example of hardware that uses software applications to work according to the customer’s needs. Smartphones have a lot of software applications. From social media to face apps, from navigational apps to kinds of browsers, and even game apps. These apps help improve our lives and give excitement, but these apps generate income and company value for some people. This can only be attained if the software product has undergone software testing. Therefore, software testing plays an important role in software product development. So, let us look at the benefits of software testing to the organisation, customers, and end-users.


Saves money

 Suppose the software has undergone testing, especially during the start of the development. Then, it could potentially detect defects that can be fixed early at a lower cost than defects found late in the development. Normally, defects that remain undetected until the release is difficult to fix and can cost a lot of money if already deployed in the live environment. For example, the fatal crash of two new Boeing 737 Max 8 aeroplanes last couple of years. It was found that software problems in the automated manoeuvring system of the flight control caused the plane’s nose to pointing towards the ground. This incident resulted in the loss of lives of the people on the plane. Ultimately, cause the company to lose billions of dollars because of the incident.


Generate profit

Aside from it saves money, it is proven that software testing brings more profit to the organisation. If the software is high quality and bug-free, more customers are willing to buy it in the market. This will result in more income for the company.


Happy customers

No customer would like to buy a product that does not work as expected. For example, the performance of the product is bad. Meaning it is slow and crashes often. Therefore, customers will not be happy and satisfied. That is why testing the software’s functional and non-functional aspects can help improve product quality as well. Quality software can make customers happy and satisfied. Happy customers can even recommend your product to others which will lead to more profit.


Increases Productivity and Efficiency

When software or system is bug-free (not necessarily mean that it doesn’t have defects), it increases productivity and efficiency. If the user’s daily work cannot be stopped by bugs or slowness of a system, he/she can produce more output. Software testing doesn’t only test the software’s functionality. When testing is implemented at the earliest stage, the tester can identify whether a new design/change will create a complex process for the end-user or simplify it.


Avoids rework in the development

If testing activities are only done after the actual development of the program (coding), there is a possibility that defects found in the system may not satisfy business requirements. For example, the business is asking for a new system that can make their inventory real-time. During design, legacy orders were not considered. The developers who created the code were relying on the design document. The testers were testing it against business requirements. Hence, a defect was found that results in a discrepancy in inventory. This happens because the new system did not consider legacy orders. This also means rework must be done. A new design will be created again, including legacy orders, new development, and new testing. Budget and timelines will be stretched because of this, which is not good for the business. Implementing software testing at the earliest stage can avoid rework which in turn cut costs and saves money.



Therefore, others may think software testing is just another cost to the organisation without looking at these benefits. We know humans are experts at making mistakes. These mistakes can be more costly than hiring a tester. After all, a product that is of quality can boost the development organisations and confidence of the end-users.

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