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Benefits of The VLAN


A Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) is a logical group of devices within the same broadcast domain. VLANs are usually configured on switches by adding some interfaces into one broadcast domain and a few interfaces into another. VLANs are extremely flexible and can make network management simpler and improve the experience for end users.

For Example: A company with the departments like Production, Marketing, Sales and Finance on different floors in a same building.

Assuming that, Sales department recruit new employee but realizes that there is no desk on Sales floor, he was requested to use the desk on the Marketing floor. When he tries to access his resources of Sales department his access gets denied.

To solve this issue the administrator can, either add switches and routers to communicate between all the floors which could be an unmanageable process and require high cost and setup.

Or else he can use VLAN to solve this problem. With the help of VLAN the sales employee can easily access the files.

VLANs can spread across multiple switches, with each VLAN being treated as its own subnet or broadcast domain. This means that frames broadcasted onto the network are going to be switched only between the ports within a similar VLAN.

The main reasons why VLANs are used are,

  • VLANs increase the amount of broadcast domains while decreasing their size.
  • VLANs reduce security risks by reducing the number of hosts that receive copies of frames that the switches flood.
  • Can keep hosts that hold sensitive data on a separate VLAN to enhance the security.
  • Can create more flexible network designs that can group users by department rather than their physical locations.
  • Network changes are achieved with ease by just configuring a port into the suitable VLAN.
  • Some Benefits of VLANs are,
  • VLANs simplifies administration task of the network manager, when users physically move workstations, the administrator can keep them on the same network with different equipment. Or when they change teams but not workstations, access of the VLANs they need can be given to them.
  • VLANs improves security by reducing both internal and external threats.
  • Separating users internally and considering the privacy and security, user can only access the networks that apply to their responsibilities.
  • External threats are also minimized.
  • Troubleshooting problems on the network can be simpler and faster when different user groups are segmented and isolated from one another.

The administrator can quickly narrow down the list where to look to find the issue when complains are coming from certain subnet of users VLANs make prioritizing traffic much easier and make sure critical application data keeps flowing even when lower priority traffic spikes.

VLANs manage traffic more efficiently so that end users experience better performance and have fewer latency problems on network and more reliability for critical applications.

This make VLANs a necessity in Enterprise IT. As networks grow, they become more and more necessary and useful

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