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Benefits of The Software Testing

Software Testing

Software testing is considered as one of the most important phases in the software development lifecycle. Software testing helps in identifying and evaluating the flaws present in the software product and resolve it if possible and helps to save the product from future failures. Software testing also helps to analyze whether the system was designed as per the requirement or not. Software testing helps in identifying the system’s weakness as per the functionality, performance, implementation, security, reliability, compatibility, etc. Software testing can be performed in various ways. Some of the methods of testing software are white box testing and black box testing. The functional and non-functional areas are tested while testing software product. Software testing evaluates all the sectors of the software that are required to be tested and are important for maintaining the software product.

Software testing is one of the crucial processes to be performed during the software development lifecycle. It is very important to take software testing into consideration during the development period. There should be separate teams for testing the software product and move it smoothly without any problem.

Software testing is important as it helps in finding the errors in the system before releasing the product in the market. Testing from the different teams can further more help in finding the abnormalities in the software product. Software testing is done by developers and testers. They test the software product from their own process which helps in finding the errors in the system from their own site. There are lots of benefits of software testing.

Some of the benefits of software testing are:

  • To find the possible errors and bugs in a product.
  • To establish a healthy relation between customer.
  • To maintain the quality of the software product.
  • To maintain and improve customer satisfaction.
  • To earn profit.
  • To improve the user experience in the product.
  • To improve the performance of the software.
  • To improve lower maintenance cost.
  • To cut down the existing expenses for maintenance.
  • To improve the business optimization.
  • To improve the cost effectiveness.
  • To save money in testing at the later stage.
  • To remove product risk.
  • To check the compatibility of the software with the devices.
  • To earn the trust from the customer.
  • To release defect free software product.
  • To gain the confidence of the customer.

Software testing has lots of benefits in regards to the testing performed in the different phases of the software development lifecycle. Testing performed in the earlier stages has potentially more benefits than testing done in the later stages. It saves more time and money when testing is performed in the earlier stages of the software development lifecycle. It is easier to fix the bugs if they are found in the earlier stages of the development period rather than fixing them in the later stages. It costs comparatively more money and effort to remove the bugs from the product in later stages.

To conclude, software testing phase isn’t considered as important as development phase by many software developing companies. It is not given much importance in developmental lifecycle but software testing gives more benefit from the software product as it can help to identify errors and produce error free product and saves lot of time, effort and money in fixing the failures of the software during the run time. Software testing will help in removing the defect present in a program and help in saving the software being crashed from possible failures in upcoming future. So, it is better to have a good software testing team form the initial phases of the software development lifecycle for the best product free of defect and errors.

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