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Benefits Of Being a Software Tester

Software Tester

Software testing is an assurance of whether the actual software works as per the user’s expected requirements, therefore, the software tester’s responsibility here is to find as many defects as possible, so that developer can fix the defects and generate a better quality product.

Why do we need software testing?

The product mustn’t fail after execution; otherwise, it will be very expensive to find the issue. To overcome this problem, we need to start testing the product before submitting it to the stakeholders. Therefore, Software tester’s main responsibility is to guarantee a better quality product.

There are some benefits of being software tester.

  • First of all, product quality is the most important factor for any company. Customers buy the product referring to what the product gives in return. After spending money on the product, the customer only wants a better quality of the product. If the product is not of good quality then the customer can get frustrated, and it can raise trust issues. However, a satisfied customer is the main focus of any business. Therefore, software tester can earn a customer’s trust by providing a better quality product, as they help to find an error and help the developer to fix the issue. (Benefits of Software Testing, 2016)
  • As a software tester, you are always learning new skills. For example, as a tester, you will start learning code or automation tools; there are many ways to get excellence in the software testing industry. Moreover, you can get expertise in technical knowledge, such as different types of automation tools, like selenium, cucumber, DevOps, Programming, and more.
  • Furthermore, to become a software tester, it is not necessary to have an IT degree. The only thing you need is testing knowledge, and get some training in certification. However, it is not expensive to get a certificate of software testing. Here, the benefit is that with less investment, you can get a better paying job.
  • Testing can make you more creative and innovative, as you have to think from the perspective of the end-user; you always have to keep in mind: what customer wants, and what are their expectations. If you think like an end-user, the testing will be more effective. Also, you have to think more creatively; you become more expert in critical thinking, which can help the company to make a better decision.
  • This job requires communication both verbal and non-verbal, which means, you can improve professional and technical communication skills. As you get more involve with developers and stockholders, it helps you to collaborate more about the project, where each can share ideas about the project.
  • Being a software tester, the happiest day is when the customer is satisfied with the product. To achieve that day, the tester has to find the defect. To do so, testers work with the stockholders, developers, and project team. Testers can help developers find defects that they cannot find during coding. The mistake can be anything; it may be in coding or customer requirements. Tester’s responsibility is to find mistakes by applying different types of testing techniques. Therefore, the benefit of being a software tester is to participate in the error finding technique and collaborate with the project team.

Hence, a business needs to include testers in the project. They contribute as equally as developers and other team members. Also, being a software tester, you can achieve many academic achievements that can help with future development as well as in the company itself. Moreover, software tester can bring more profit to the business, as good quality product help retaining existing customers as well as new customers. Also, it can cut down the expenses by finding a defect early in the life cycle stage.

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