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Benefits of Being a Software Tester in Australia

Software Tester

There are many benefits you would gain to becoming a software tester in today’s world of technology and advanced science. Today, more and more industries specially IT industry is expected to has an enormous market boom in the next few years ahead because of the increased demand for software and social media platform such as Zoom, Google Classroom/Meeting/Hangouts, WhatsApp Video call and Microsoft Teams  due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These platform need to be tested after they had been developed and before it can be used by users.

It’s easy to enter and kickstart career in IT sector and easy to learn relatively. Any working person or graduates can easily get into this sector by learning software testing course. Knowledge of advanced coding is not necessary to pursue it but the interest in it to learn, that’s what matter. Online courses about software testing can easily be found and learned with a very minimal price by online course provider like Udemy. Tool used for testing can be learned easily by anyone who has an interest with basic coding skills.

Being a software tester you can have a flexible career pathway because of its work nature. You can work freelance or as regular job and still gain cross-functional skills that can be utilised across the whole software development cycle. Married women with children can work from home in a flexible manner which would lead to a well maintained and balanced working life. Furthermore many companies would hire freelancer to reduce costs and outcomes could be still high and satisfy.

Those who loves learning and always wanted to improve new skills whether in coding, automate or security testing, being a software tester is the best career path to excel further. In additions, you will surely have all the resources you need to be your best as you will be supported by teams that motivating you. You will continuously growing and enhancing your practice and your work will never be stagnant.

As a software tester in a team specially in an agile environment, you’ll work with many different groups of people from shareholders to developers to improve product delivery. Communication between these intelligent and passionate people that share the same interests as you will motivate and encourage you to practise and improve the skills. Collaboration is one of the values and factors that will improve productivities of a team.

One common myth that people underestimate software testing for is that software testers get less salary than software developers. The reality is, whether a software tester or a software developer, the payslip is the same. It doesn’t matter beginner or fresher payment scale is on the same level as a software developer. Even, it is not the designation that matters; it is the skills, performance, domain knowledge, certification, etc. that counts for a fair payslip.

Opportunities never end for software testers. You would never know what kind of project you will get to work on and what are its requirements. Many clients prefer to have their testers working on site to understand their needs practically and check if the software is compatible with their industrial environment. Software testers have fair chances of getting exposure.

On top of all these benefits as a software tester, the emerging facts of IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence would be the capability of a software tester at their core. These technologies are going to rock the market in a while, and their success would own to robust testing automation and core testing frameworks.

In conclusion, being a software tester would make you beneficial in building a career in IT industry.

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