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Aug 20
MCSA certification for Systems administrator

Benefits of MCSA Certification for Systems Administrator Jobs

Microsoft is one of the top providers of operating system and computer hardware for businesses across the world. Thus, Businesses rely on their services due to which companies are looking for IT professionals who have proficient skills in Microsoft technologies to look after their computers, networks and systems.

However, not every IT professionals is well trained to install, implement and troubleshoot a Microsoft system and network. Companies want highly qualified individuals for servicing their computers and network to guarantee superior quality work. An untrained IT professional could possibly ruin the network setup and cause the systems to slow down or malfunction.

Thus, Microsoft provides a certification programme which trains the individual in a particular domain such as servers, Azure, windows 10, etc. Having a Microsoft Certification means that you are competent to do the work needed and committed enough to make the effort and time to obtain certification for same.

This certification is intended for individuals who are looking for System administrators jobs in an IT field. Also, MCSA is a pre-requisite for other advanced Microsoft certifications. You can get certified in various Microsoft technologies, from windows 10 operating system or Windows Server 2016, by sitting for MCSA exam. You need to pass 3 exams to become MCSA.

These 3 exams are as follows,

  1. 70-740 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2016

This exam covers the topic of initial implementation and configuration of core services including Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Nano servers and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016 configuration.

  1. 70-741 Networking with Windows Server 2016

This exam focuses on the networking side of windows server 2016. Topics covered in it are DNS, DHCP, IPAM, RMS, VPN and more.

  1. 70-742 Manage and maintain Windows server 2016

This cover up the skills of advanced configuration and tasks necessary to deploy, manage and maintain Windows Server 2016 infrastructure, such as identity management, rights management, Federation services, Group Policy Objects, etc.

The key benefits of becoming certified are as follows,

  1. This certification provides relevant knowledge of systems and networking which are essential for the position of system administrators.
  2. Upon completion of certification, candidate receives official confirmation from Microsoft of becoming certified in the chosen field. Also, you can claim a badge from Acclaim, which can be added on top of your resume.
  3. While applying for jobs, or looking to progress further in your current role, a certification in the field in which you are applying will put you in the list of top applicants and make you a desirable fit for the position.
  4. Employers invest a lot when it comes to training an employee, with the goal of making them quicker, efficient and more knowledgeable. This certification will reduce the time you spend on these tasks and help reduce company’s down-time when repairing faults.
  5. Becoming certified means, you are of more value to the company and to yourself in the form of an upgraded income.

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