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How to Become a Software Tester?

Software Testing

Software testing refers to the testing of software products to check if the working software functions meet the requirements. It also checks for the bugs and errors in the system. Software testing can be useful for identifying defects, finding errors, knowing problems in the software system. Testing of software can be done wither manually or by using automated testing tools.

During the process of application development, software testers play a vital role in identifying the errors and mistakes in the software product. It is very important to check whether the system under development is progressing in a correct way or not. So, software testers are important roles in a team for effective project completion.

Having a degree on computer science or software engineering is the initial phase of become a software tester though it’s not mandatory. Getting a university degree on software engineering helps to develop skills and experience in small projects which we learn in a university. It also helps in technical development of the graduates where they know and learn about different terms and aspects related to software testing.

It is also important to have some certifications related to software testing apart from having a degree. The certification will help the potential employer to know the level of knowledge you possess and thus help in developing positive mindset for you.

To become a software tester one should have knowledge of technical and non-technical skills. Under the technical skills, one should have a basic knowledge and understanding of Linux commands as well as the database and SQL. They should also possess experience on test management tools with experience of test automation tools along with the bugs or defect tracking tools.

To list the skills under non-technical area, one should have analytical and communication skills which helps in organizational and time management skills. They also should have the attitude of doing things which is acceptable in the organization. The non-technical skills also include the passion for software testing which helps in everyday learning and testing software product and applications with passion.

To be able to become a software tester, one should have the knowledge or understanding of the code or one should be able to create and organize the code. So, learning to code is important aspect of becoming a software tester. One should understand the terms related to software testing. They should learn the terms defined under software testing. They should learn what is software testing about and what it does in real life. They should learn about the merits and demerits of software testing. They should be able to identify the importance of software testing and use them in real world.

To become a software tester, one should learn how to do different types of testing. For example: performance testing, automated testing, acceptance testing, regression testing etc. And also they should learn how to run various automated testing tools.

After completing the degree and certificates and other required knowledge, one can start to work as a freelancing software tester independently for a company or they can even volunteer in small companies just to increase their experience. Also, one can get linked to the online networks of testers and ask for the permission to test some dumb or real application and provide feedback along with the documentation. This will help in developing the skills and experience as worked in different small or big projects.

The final procedure to develop you as a software tester is not to stop learning in any step of the process. It is essential to keep learning in every software development lifecycle.

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