Oct 26

Become a Software Tester Without a Degree

Software Tester

To become software tester, doesn’t require a testing degree, but it requires specialized knowledge and experience, unfortunately. No degree can give you a guarantee to get this job, but it will be an advantage if you have a degree in computer science, math, or technology. To land on the first testing job, you need to gain training from different sources, like self-education, online tutorials, or classes. If you put effort into it, you will get to the job.

Also, there is one real example, where real people get into the job without any degree. The one is James Bach, who is a former software testing manager at Apple. He gets into this field with lots of motivation and self-education.

If there is no diploma as an entry-level, it is hard to get into the job, but once you get into the job, your diploma doesn’t matter; the only matter is your experience.

To get into the testing field, you also need to know some technical skills. These technical skills can include coding language, tolls, and knowledge of automation tools. Moreover, you can learn about testing from the book, such as Learn software testing fundamentals. Also, create an amazing CV to apply for the role.

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