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May 11

Why AWS? Top Ten Reasons to Choose AWS

AWS or Amazon Web Services is something of a king when it comes to cloud computing services. Here are the top ten reasons why you should opt for Amazon Web Services for your work prerequisite. We will be going through each of these reasons one by one.

• Pricing: AWS has a pay-as-you-go approach when it comes to pricing. In AWS you only pay for the services that you require and for as long as you use them.
• Reliability and Recovery: Reliability is the paramount selling point of AWS. Reliability is achieved through diverse backups of servers at numerous physical locations. AWS has numerous backups available.
• Flexibility and Scalability: AWS services are well-known for their elasticity and how they can auto-scale themselves as per our requirements. Merchandizes don’t have to deal with the restraints of physical computing infrastructure and can have entrée to servers and storage on stipulate.
• Availability: AWS services are also well-known for their availability zone. These numerous availability zones guarantee that your data can be stored in a massive amount of locations.
• Data Privacy: In today’s world, there is nothing more imperative than privacy and that is something that AWS understands very well. Data privacy is offered to every AWS client irrespective of their commerce magnitude. AWS ensures data privacy through :
1. Physical Security
2. Fine-Grained Access
3. Data Locality Control
• Full Stack of Services: AWS imparts an extensive range of services jacketing all your cloud computing needs. AWS wouldn’t have been the cloud computing giant that it is now, without have such an extensive assortment of services. It encompasses domains such as Compute, Database, Storage, Networking and Content Delivery, Migration, and many others.
• Customization: AWS is all about the client’s experience. So, AWS proffers a multitude of customization options to ensure that the user’s experiences are made easier and according to their requirements. It can also be used to implement cost tracking, security, and automation.
• Scheduling: Scheduling means that you can start and stop AWS services at predetermined times. That is, you can schedule a service to run at a particular time or a particular day or even hen a certain event takes place. This means you will be to sleep a whole lot better knowing that the services that you want will be able to function on the norm without any supervision of yours. That is as long as you schedule them to work in a particular manner.
• Third-Party APIs: AWS API means that you can manage your cloud-based infrastructure through various third party software(s). This third-party software includes CloudRanger, TangoCard, and Quintly. These help you utilize all of the time-and-cost-saving features that AWS has to offer. For example, Cloud Ranger aids the companies to comprehend the cloud with a visual representation.
• Ease of Use: One of the major reasons for AWS to become this famous is because of how easy it is to use. Anyone can set up an account on AWS and start deploying the services they want without knowing advanced programming language skills. So it is so easy to use that even a layman can use it.
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