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AWS Explained, Simple and Easy


AWS (Amazon webservices) is a leading cloud-based solution. It empowers with scalability, high-availability, security, and many more in a click of configuration. It’s a bundle of many services with a capability to use and launch from any location with an ease and cost-effective solutions.

Below are the services offered by AWS

Virtual servers – In AWS, these virtual servers are called as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2). These are available for hosting, launching, and maintaining applications and data offering Elastic load balancing and auto scaling capabilities according to the business needs. This is ideal for small scale business to growing or expanding or large-scale businesses.

Load balancing – AWS offers an Elastic load balancing, helping to distribute application traffic on multiple AWS instances. This has the option to scale up additional load balancer in times of increasing load with the predefined configuration while launching the load balancers.

Auto Scaling – AWS Auto scaling helps in scaling the instances based on the capacity of the traffic that hits the instances. These can be predefined during the launch of the instances. Whenever spikes are observed the instances scale up to maintain performance and availability of the application and when the load decreases the launched instances will automatically terminate. This is an on demand pull of resources resulting in high performance, high availability, high scalability, and cost-effective solution.

User and Access management –  AWS offers a module naming AWS Identity and Access Management(IAM) for creating and managing the user by enabling secure access control on AWS services and resources per user. This module gives capability to allow and deny user permissions to AWS resources.

Storage – AWS provides storage in form of S3, we can use the service to store data such as images, files for our websites. These backups can be shared from S3 to our AWS services. We can read or write content data from S3 in deploying applications. One of the interesting fact about this service is, it’s ideal for hosting static websites.

Notification – AWS provides Simple notification service(SNS) to send alerts to mobile devices, emails, ticketing systems etc based on the configuration that is done. This is a very quick solution to react on issues in a more quicker and easier way.

DNS – AWS offers creating and managing domain names via Route 53, which is a AWS DNS.

Databases – AWS allows hosting databases via RDS. It is completely managed by RDS, we just need to launch and start using for our application. Currently it supports a wide range of databases such as AWS Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL server.

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