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Are You Looking For IT Jobs in Australia?

IT Jobs in Australia

If you are interested in being part of the IT Industry in Australia, the first question that would come to your mind is what are the current in-demand IT jobs available?

You’d be surprised with the findings! First, we have a Website Designer. Now you’re probably thinking ‘This is my dream job, all I have to do is design a website for others and get paid’. If you thought that it was that simple, you’re wrong. Website Designers have plenty of other responsibilities such as meeting regularly with clients, continual research of new trends/technology, debugging code, testing, the list goes on. If you want to pursue a career as a Website Designer, strap yourself in for a journey.

Project Managers – Now when I was in University every time I’d hear the word ‘Manager’ in a job title it would scare me off a little and I’m sure I’m not alone! The project manager’s role is to plan, execute, monitor, and control a project whether it be in technology, banking, medical, or any other field. If you always put your hand up to be the team leader for a project or assignment, this is the role for you.

IT Investigator – You’re probably wondering what this role involves? Your answer is IT Investigators are involved as support in court cases and legal investigations. If you’re studying IT but also love a bit of detective work, this is for you.

IT Manager – Again, the dreaded word ‘Manager’. The difference between an IT and a Project Manager is the IT manager has a larger scope and is responsible for completing operations and development, whereas the Project manager is solely just focused on the project they are assigned to.

Computer System Analyst – They have a few responsibilities such as upgrading computer systems, training end-users, ensuring that businesses are using computer technology efficiently, and plenty more. Oh, and let’s not forget what I am currently doing is also the role of the Computer System Analyst, writing technical reports!

Database Administrators and Data Scientists – The long title must frighten you a little. They pretty much have the responsibility of designing, building, and managing systems that are used to analyze and process data for an organization.

Now we are getting to the jobs that are most in-demand! IT Security Specialist – The title is pretty self-explanatory. Their main responsibilities include choosing, implementing, upgrading antiviruses and other various protection that is being used, Encrypting data, and developing plans to protect files from unauthorized access.

Now the top 3! At 3, we have an IT Innovative Thinker. Sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it? If you have a creative mind with an interest in IT, this is the perfect role for you. Your role would be to keep a business on its feet. You will be responsible for providing new creative and unique ideas.

Software engineer at number 2 is no surprise. Most, if not all, IT students would have heard of the Software engineer role. Your main role as a software engineer would be researching, designing, and writing new software programs. Although most software engineers don’t need to code, you will need a strong understanding of coding to be able to communicate with programmers.

AND Finally, At number 1! Cloud Engineer. What is the role of a cloud engineer? You would mainly have to manage an organization’s cloud systems. So if you have an interest in cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud. This could be perfect for you.

Hopefully, after reading this you have a better understanding of what current employers in the IT Industry are looking for in Australia.

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