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Are You Know About The Common Printing Problems?

There are many common printing problems we can find in the troubleshooting. Those are

  1. No power indicator of the printer.
  2. Cables are loose connection
  3. Printer error
  4. No paper on tray/paper jam
  5. Image smearing if paper touched
  6. Replace filament/related issues
  7. Printer drivers are out of date

Power button on printer:

When trying to print something, make sure to check the power connection of printer. It should be green light indicator. It means, receiving some power. If the power button is not on, then we have to on the power switch. Still the printer is not on, then we have to check all the cables are connected properly or not.

Cables are in loose contact:

Printers have connected to two cables. Those are power cable and data cable. Make sure those two cables are connected to both the printer and the computer.

Printer error:

If the printer lights are blinking, then we have to check the paper jam or any problem with the toner cartridge. Then refer the manufacturers website or resources for specific error details. And also check the cartridge if its seated properly or the level of the ink in the cartridge.

No paper on tray:

If its no paper on the printer tray, then it displays the message as no paper on the tray. Without paper on the tray  we cannot print. Make sure to check any paper jams on the printer.

Replace filament:

After troubleshoot the printer, when we get the error like replace filament means we have to change the filament of 3D printer.

Printer drivers are out of date:

We cannot print anything from the printer when the printer drivers are out-of-date. It means we have to download the correct drivers from the manufacturers website and install it.

Printer drivers are different for Windows 10 and mac operating system. We cannot use windows operating system printer drivers for mac operating system because it is not compatible with that software and it prints the garbled text on the paper.

Print colour is faded on paper:

Color density of the paper is not good, then the problem is related to toner cartridge or ink. If it is not enough on the printer, text is in light color.

Printing is slow:

If the printing is slow, ink dryness is the common issue in the inkjet printers. In laser printers, the easiest way to resolve this issue is to change the printing mode from full duplex to half duplex or to one full page. Because printer can take much time to print on both sides of the paper.

Sometimes we cannot see the particular printer name  on the list of the printers. In that case, restart the device and also check the cables connection. Sometimes printer spooler is full, then we cannot send any printing documents to the queue. In that case, we have to clear the print spooler first.

WIFI connectivity issues with printer:

In organizations, printers must connect to the correct Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, if its connected to the guest network we cannot print  in the organizations. Because of the security reasons, organizations cannot accept the guest networks.

Extra sheet of paper is printing when printing something:

The reason for printing extra sheet of paper with printing page is being printed because of printer settings. We have to change the printer preferences under the printer settings.

The first thing is after installing the new printer to the device, test the internal page. If its not printed, then switch on/off the printer or take the toner out and reinsert them and check the test page again.

Troubleshooting the printer software problems is not an easy task but first to check the drivers status and reinstall them. Still the problem is not fixed then contact the helpdesk team to solve the issue.

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