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Aug 10
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Agile foundation certification and jobs

The recent trend in software technology is Agile. As the market scenarios are changing at a faster rate and where competition is high, not keeping up with changing trends means loss of business. So more businesses are now moving to Agile. While practising “Agile” is beneficiary for the business and it helps in the long run, if it is not understood properly and not implemented correctly, it will do no good.

There are many cases where companies have moved from linear development to agile development methodology and have failed. Research says that since the agile methodologies were not fully understood by the team, they moved back to linear software lifecycle unknowingly, though they claimed to be agile. We cannot simply move from waterfall to Agile methodology just because other projects succeeded using them. Agile transition is difficult if the concepts are not clear and not utilized by the team effectively. If the concepts are not understood clearly the companies will lose more time and lot of effort would be wasted and the outcome would not be the desired results.

Agile foundation certification helps you in understanding the basic concepts involved in the whole project. It will give you a clear picture about the difference in both the models of software lifecycle. Once you understand the difference, you can clearly choose between the two types of methodologies to be used. There can be situations where linear software cycle is more beneficial for a project and for other projects the agile methodology would be more suited. The foundation certificate gives you the knowledge to choose between the two as per the necessity of the business.

This certification is aimed at below people:

  • Project managers who want to work on an Agile technology
  • Agile team members who can understand the concepts clearly and perform better.
  • Individuals looking out for new job opportunities.

Foundation certificate proves that the individual is aware of the concepts of Agile methodology and it is also mandatory for pursuing the next level of Agile Practitioner certification. Certification helps the individual in many ways:

  • He understands his role better in a project team and will be able to deliver accordingly.
  • He can guide colleagues about the methodology.
  • He can apply the methodology in a better way in his project which can increase the success rates considerably.

As many companies now have moved to agile methodologies in IT sector, they prefer to have an individual who has basic concepts of how to work in an agile environment. As mentioned earlier, the transition from linear to agile is not easy. If you have been working on a linear model all your life and you want to work in an agile environment, it would be difficult to cope up without understanding the basic concepts. Companies prefer individuals who have a basic knowledge about the agile terminology and the processes and methods used in them. They want individuals who have knowledge about the process and methodologies used in an agile environment. They would not prefer individuals who do not have any experience working in an agile environment or do not have any knowledge about the same. Certification proves that the person can cope with the working processes and methodologies and no special training is required. They do not want to risk a project delay. Training a team member means delay in the project and loss of business eventually.

With the agile foundation certification, there are many job opportunities one can look out for:

  • Business Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Software development team
  • Team leader
  • Software tester
  • Database administrator
  • Technical expert or subject matter expert

Project manager role requires more certification such as agile practitioner where agile foundation certification is mandatory. Overall, agile foundation certification has become one of the mandatory requirements the companies in IT sector are looking out for in individuals.

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