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Aug 25
Agile Foundation

Agile Foundation Certification and Jobs

What is Agile?

In a general way, Agile means able to move quickly and easily. But here we talk about Agile methodology which is very useful in software development life cycle. Agile means time boxed, iterative approach to deliver software that develops in increment way from start to end. In short, Agile methodology is that to develop software incrementally instead of doing all at once. It works by breaking full projects into modules and modules break into features and prioritize them, and then continuously delivering them, in short, twice week cycles it called iterations.

How does Agile work?

The agile methodology does the same thing which we do when faced with overload work. We organize, prioritize and work on our work. Here are few points which Agile methodology follow during software development process.

Make a list: This phase software person should sit with the customer and note down all feature which is important in his software. In Agile, it calls as user stories and it becomes ‘To do’ list for a project.

Size things up: Then after, use Agile estimation techniques, size each story relatively to each other, it will depend on how long you think about each user story.

Set Priorities: Always, ask your customer to prioritize their list so you can get more idea about important things. Which stuff you must do first and save the least important for later. This practice will allow you to do more things within a timeline.

Start executing: Start your work and deliver some module as per decided. Building your work, test it and deliver it and get feedback from customers. Agile gives opportunity to change things which does wrong or customer change his mind to do things in another way.

Update your plan as you go: As you and your customer starting delivering, something will happen like you are going well or you have too much to do and not enough time. At this time, Agile have two choices. A) do less and cut scope B) increase project timeline and ask for more money from a customer.

Who are eligible for Agile Foundation certification exam?

A business owner or IT professionals who are interested to work in agile practices.

How to get Agile Foundation certification?

Agile foundation certificate course introduces candidates to the fundamental concept and value of the Agile. You need to get training for 2 days and then after you have one day mock up an interview. End of the course you will get Agile Foundation certificate.

Is Agile Foundation certification value the time and money?

An Agile Foundation certificate allows you to enter in an Agile work environment. Nowadays, IT employer demands to do work with Agile experts. This foundation certification validates the ability of the applicant to work across diverse project management tools and techniques.

Nowadays, a traditional way of project development is no more enough. The demand of the Agile professionals has increased in the professional IT industry.

How Agile will sharp your career?

In this era, you can get a high range of package as an Agile professional by Fortune 500 companies. Agile has transformed the face of software development approach and has increased demand for IT professionals with an understanding of methodology.

If you are working in IT professional, what do you think is next for you? If you get Agile Foundation certificate than your job is going to be great in an Agile work environment.

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