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Agile Foundation Certification and Jobs

Agile Foundation Certification and Jobs

Agile has changed the way of Software development and project management life cycle being used. The well recognised, adapted methodology in modern days. Agile has many flavours such as Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean and Scaled Agile. Agile mainly focuses on the collaboration approach and flexibility. Project phases in to incremental and iterative development gives opportunities to respond to flexible and change in requirement. There are few certifications to choose from to gain competency and knowledge to demonstrate your knowledge on the subject.

Agile foundation level certification covers the Core concepts of Agile methodology, its values, Agile principles which can help the organisation to bring the value to the company by delivering the functional business solutions. The certification provides the skills on the Knowledge of the methodology and how to apply in real time. This methodology can be applied to both smaller or big sized industry which doesn’t matter.


Agile methodology has been matured by now and used in various domains like service, management mainly on software development. Hence organisation is looking for people who have knowledge, Certification from the candidate. This is the reason people get the certification, so they can apply for these kinds of benefits when they aspire for change of career or switching jobs. Overall by gaining Agile certification give you the benefit of Better Visibility, credibility, pay and up to date on the market trend.

This increase in demand for adopting the Agile methodology in the industry. It has been found from the survey done during 2014 that 94 % of the organisations are using agile methodology to some capacity. Which creates the demand for the kind of employee who built to the methodology. Organisations are feeling pressure to identify right candidates who are not just certified, experience but also potential to grow with the trend. Because of the demand the pay scale has been increased and people looking to certified are also increasing. Moreover, it has been found that there are around 20 agile certifications of various levels are available in the market, focusing primarily on the Scrum methodology.

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