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Agile Certifications

Agile Certifications

In this modern era of fast phased development, the traditional way of project development is not enough. Agile has come in a way to fill this gap. Agile has changed the face of the Software Development Life Cycle and the way the project has been handled in project management. Agile has various flavours and has created tremendous growth for the need for certifications. Certifications help the practitioner to validate his skills and helps to increase the level of career. This certification is globally recognized and helps you to stand out from the crowd. Other benefits of having a certification are Better visibility, improved salary, high credibility, and up to date with the market trend.

There are various certifications available to test the knowledge and competency of an IT professional, so it is not easy to pick. It depends on the career progression you want to take.
Top certifications are:

PMI Agile certified practitioner:
PMI ACP: This certification is offered by the Project management Institute. Preferably for the organization currently are in Agile. Or would like to move towards Agile practices. And have good collaboration skills, ready to embrace complexity, and like to achieve rapid response time. This is the fastest-growing certification, has various approaches, such as Kanban, Scrum, Lean, extreme programming, and test-driven development.

Scrum Master or Scrum Product owner:
This certification is from Scrum Alliance, provides the training needed to perform to the highest level. Teaches the Scrum framework, knowledge of team roles, events, and artifacts. How to manage external and internal distractions.
Scrum Professional:
This certification is for the people who have demonstrated experience, training, documented, and good knowledge in the scrum. This is unique for developers. To qualify you should have a min of 36 months of successful experience in Agile. Should have at least 70 Scrum education units from their past 3 years of experience.

SAFe Scaled Agile:
Scaled Agile Framework provides significant updates to the Agile Framework. Knowledge of seven core competencies such as Enterprise solution delivery, Agile Product Delivery, Team and Technical Agility, Lean Portfolio Management, Organisational agility, Continuous learning culture, and Lean-Agile leadership. for an organization.

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