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Oct 14

What is Agile Certification?

Agile Certification is related which are used for denoting the method or group of methods of project management, this is specially used for software development that is frequent with reassessing and adaptation of new and current plans in a software. It helps one to evolve through the collaboration between self-organizing and cross functioning in teams, its main focus is to support and promote planning, evolutionary development, easy methods, early delivery, continuous improvement and encourages flexible and quick adaptation to changes in software development.

There are many specific agile development methods which promote the above the support and helps in the process throughout the life-cycle of a running software project. Typically the few software development method uses are :

Iterative, Incremental and evolutionary: Iterations are short time frames that typically last from one to four weeks, each iteration involves a cross-functional team working in all functions:planning,analysis,design,coding,unit testing and acceptance testing.

Efficient and face-to-face communication: Each agile team with have a representative who acts on behalf of the client, at the end of each iteration clients and the representative review the progress and re-evaluate priorities to optimize and ensure to reach the respective goals.

Focuses on Quality: Specific tools and techniques such as continuous integration, automated unit testing, code-refactoring, design patterns and many other techniques are often used to improve quality and enhance software project agility.

Compared to traditional software engineering, agile development is mainly targeted at complex systems and projects with dynamic and non-linear characteristics where accurate estimates, stable plans and predictions are often hard to get in early stages of a project and it helps greatly in up-front designs and arrangements that may sometimes cause a lot of economical and financial losses.

Agile certification helps you to stand out in the crowd and the with the most advanced standards and methods elevates talent and career to the next level and makes an achiever out of you, while its still the most widely known and held as Agile Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Credential, there is a new certification which is called PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP).

Though there is no mandatory prerequisite for most of the agile certifications, we need to understand who and what is preferred as well as optional certification to move to the next level.

This certification is appropriate for anyone who is interested in becoming familiar with the concepts and practices of Agile Project Delivery and who wants to have a working knowledge of various agile methodologies. One needs to begin with the introductory course then the scrum team membership test for all.

To name a few certifications (AEC) Agile Expert Certified, Scrum Fundamentals Certified, Scrum Developer Certified, Scrum Master Certified, Scrum product Owner certified, agile expert certified.

The applicant must pass the certification exam to enroll into the course and, certified professionals should appreciate the concepts of Agile development and have the ability to compare and choose the Agile methodology appropriately in a given situation.

The supply of this course/package/program is governed by our terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before enrolling, as enrolment is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions. Courses run subject to registrations.


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