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Advantages of The Testing in Software Engineering?

Testing in Software Engineering

One of the big advantages of software testing is that you can see how the product is supposed to be based off the requirements, whether they are internal or come from the customer or end-user.

One of the most common mistakes that people think about testers is if we only do testing then we don’t have knowledge on developing. If we are doing our job correctly, we are constantly looking for ways to automate our testing. So we usually do a lot of development on our test framework and development. We essentially build Knowledge and skills to test entire software correctly. Failure in the testing software may lead to loss of life. In this industry about 40% of the projects budget is spent on the testing of the software so we can understand how important is testing.

Advantages of testing are:

  1. Software testing is required to find the defects that are made during development phases.
    • For Example Programmers may make a mistake during the implementation of the software. This kind of mistakes are done when programmer not having enough experience or lack of programming language knowledge or might be human error
  1. Software testing also used to verify the usability of an application.
  • Software testing confirms that if end users are able to work with application easily and it works as per the business requirement. If the customer is not satisfied or the software is not meeting the expectations then customer might switch to another organisation which might impact the reputation of the company.
  • In some cases if project not delivered on time or meet the requirements according to contracts organisation may need to pay penalty. In such cases if we do proper testing we can avoid these penalties.
  1. Testing saves client’s money in long run.
  • Testing ensures that application will not result in to failure because it will be very expensive to fix any issue at later stage of a project life cycle. If defects related to requirements or design detected early and fix them this will not result in failure which helps to save money and time of the client.
  1. Testing ensures high quality product.
  • With the help of software testing high quality end product will be delivered to the client that will help him to increase his user base.
  • Delivering good quality product on time will boost team confidence and organisation confidence.
  • Quality of software is very important before releasing for use. Proper testing need to be done by experts. Sometimes a small mistake can leads to great loss and also it affects the company reputation.
  • For Example let us consider a software program used to issue Airplane tickets online. Suppose the application miscalculate the airfare due to an insertion of extra zero in the system, in such cases customer wouldn’t pay the price and book the tickets through another application. This could cause loss of reputation for the airline along with the loss of business.
  • In more serious cases a faulty software system may result in injury or loss of life. For Example a software error in a medical machine could have serious implications for any patient using that machine. That is why it is very important to locate and rectify defects of the system before use.
  • The main goal for a product owner is to satisfy the customer needs. Main reason to test the applications and software is to bring the best user experience possible

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