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Mar 08
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Why employers prefer certified professionals?

Is it true that employers prefer certified professionals over others? Many agree and few disagree too. Certification in a particular field means that the person is aware of the subject and the basic concepts. Many employers prefer to recruit candidates who already have a basic knowledge about the job role. Few disagree, stating that through experience an individual will eventually gain more knowledge than the certifications. Well, in spite of the above argument of experience, employers still prefer certified professionals for their job. Let’s see few reasons for this preference:

  • Knowledge: Most of the globally accredited certifications are very valuable and the people who own them are considered in high regard. The certifications from the accredited institution mean that the individual has knowledge of the facts and there would have been a formal test that he has cleared. For people who are new to a role, certifications are very useful as it gives them A basic understanding of what needs to be done. This knowledge gives them idea about the different methodologies or tools or techniques that can be used for e.g.. The company doesn’t have to train the individual separately as a lot of time and effort is involved in it.
  • Even for experienced: There are programs in an industry which requires an individual to take up training sessions and be up o date on the processes to be followed. A person might be in a particular role for a long time and might gain experience with respect to that area. But he will not be able to add any value to the company as he is learning on the process. Most of the companies do not follow a global standard of practices or processes. It would have been designed and developed as the project progresses as per their convenience. Taking up a certification will provide you with different ways to improve the job and can be used to analyze the shortcomings.

A certification alone cannot guarantee success for an individual, but it does add that extra edge. Equally important to succeed are soft skills, but when recruiters have a lot of applications for a particular job application, it naturally comes to selecting candidates who have certifications in the specified role.

There has been example in my previous company, where we had recruited an experienced business analyst for the job. The person did his job to perfection. But when it came to how else can we improve our services and avoid faults and issues at the requirement gathering level, no one had a clue. As a company policy, he was provided training in that particular field which helped him in doing his job in a better way. He understood the different tools that could be used to improve the customer experience and how the issues could be avoided at a later stage in development.

Being a certified professional indicates a level of expertise in their particular skill and this showcases the individual’s capability. The recruiters assume that the individual can be of more use to his organisation than the uncertified candidates. It comes with a belief that if a person has acquired a certification, he would have toiled to clear the exam and learnt some new ideas and concepts which can add value to organisation.

Basically, it is to avoid the delay that is required to train a person to a particular job, which makes the recruiters employ certified professionals. They already have the desired technical skills and training, if any, needs to be provided only on other aspects such as how the business works. Having technical knowledge is definitely advantageous and one can improve that by getting certified.


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