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10 Steps in The Network Design

Network Design

Step 1: produce a network documentation policy

A network documentation policy ought to detail what aspects of a network ought to be documented, particularly every server. A documentation policy conjointly communicates to every administrator precisely what’s expected of them relating to the documentation method.

Step 2: produce a constellation diagram

Ideally, you wish this map of the network’s topology to incorporate every network phase, the routers connecting the assorted segments, and the servers, gateways and different major items of networking hardware that are connected to every phase. For larger networks, you’ll need to produce a general phase map and build a lot of specific maps of every individual segment.

Step 3: Documentation of server names, IP address and roles

While the knowledge enclosed during a constellation diagram isn’t essentially specific, there’s bound data that you simply ought to embody for every server, even though that data must be placed in Associate in Nursing appendix. for every server, list the server’s name, its IP address and the role the server performs (domain name system, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, mail server, etc.).

Step 4: produce a modification log for every server

When a server fails, the failure will usually be copied to a recent modification. As a neighbourhood of the network documentation, consider creating a logbook for every server for documenting changes like patch and application installations and changed security settings. Not solely can the log assist you troubleshoot future issues; however, it can even assist you make the server within the event of a ruinous failure.

Step 5: Document code versions and proof of licenses

Document the applications and their versions running on every server. you would possibly conjointly embody a replica of the code license or a receipt among this documentation simply just in case your client becomes concerned during a software audit.

Step 6: Document hardware parts

I have talked regarding documenting individual servers, however it’s equally necessary to document switches, routers, gateways and different networking hardware.

How is that the device configured?

Does a backup of the configuration exist?

What computer code revision is that the device running?

Is the device designed to use a arcanum? Don’t embody the particular password, however you’ll be able to embody a arcanum hint or a relevance the password being written during a notebook that’s hold on within the safe.

Step 7: Document the Active Directory

I might in all probability write a book on Active Directory documentation, however, here are a couple of things that you simply ought to take into account documenting:

The names of the domains within the forest.

The Active Directory web site structure.

Where the assorted servers exist among the Active Directory hierarchy.

The location and contents of every cluster policy.

Any external trusts which will exist.

Step 8: Document your backup procedures

Backup is your customer’s best defence against a catastrophe, however it’ll do very little sensible if no one will understand a way to use it. make certain to document the backup code used and its version (very important). you may conjointly need to document the tape rotation theme, a general description of what’s enclosed in every backup job and wherever the backup tapes are hold on.s

Step 9: Label everything

I once had a shopper inquire from me to try to to a consulting project for them. They gave ME a radical and literate copy of their network documentation to review earlier than time. however, after I got on web site, i noticed that none of the hardware was labelled. All the servers looked identical, and there was no thanks to differentiate between them.

Get a label maker and label all servers, important hardware parts (gateways, routers, etc.) and also the most vital cables. this may build it straightforward to spot the assorted items of hardware listed in your network document.

Step 10: value your documentation

The last step during this network documentation listing is to judge your documentation to create certain it’s spare for you and your customer’s desires. consider your network documentation as a important a part of your disaster recovery strategy. once the primary draft of your documentation is complete, you want to raise yourself if it’s ok to assist somebody with no previous data of the setup to make the network from scratch within the event of a catastrophe. If the solution is affirmative, then you’ve done a decent job on the documentation.

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