ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst + Exam

ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst Course + Exam

ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst + Certification

The course provides skills required to become an Advanced Test Analyst beyond the knowledge of topics covered in ISTQB foundation level course. This course focuses on testing activities following different lifecycle models, specification-based, defect-based and experienced-based test techniques, test documentation, usability testing, reviews, defect classification and tool support.

It explains the various kinds of defects which are detected in the testing process. It shows how to create and implement the test cases. It focuses majorly on the defect identification and defect management.

This certification is a key requirement for the following jobs:

  • Testers
  • Test analysts
  • Test engineers
  • Test consultants
  • Test managers
  • User acceptance testers
  • Software developers

The candidate must hold the ISTQB Foundation certificate with a minimum of 3 years testing experience

Candidates can achieve this certification by passing following exam(s).

  • ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst exam

The certification exam if included in your course can be registered and attempted within 3 months of course/module completion at Logitrain training centre on weekdays during normal business hours (excludes public holidays)


(Course material provided is shown above)

  • Determine and perform appropriate testing activities based on the software development lifecycle being used
  • Learn proper prioritization of the testing activities by performing risk analysis
  • Implement appropriate testing techniques to ensure that the tests results in a removal of defects
  • Provides the appropriate documentation related to the testing activities
  • Determine and implement functional testing to be performed
  • Undertake responsibility for the suitability testing for a given project
  • Ensuring the application of relevant tools to support defect management
  • Testers
  • Test analysts
  • Test engineers
  • Test consultants
  • Test managers
  • User acceptance testers
  • Software developers
  • Testing Process
  • Testing in the Software Development Lifecycle
  • Test Planning, Monitoring and Control
  • Test Planning
  • Test Monitoring and Control
  • Test Analysis
  • Test Design
  • Concrete and Logical Test Cases
  • Creation of Test Cases
  • Test Implementation
  • Test Execution
  • Evaluating Exit Criteria and Reporting
  • Test Closure Activities
  • Test Management:  Responsibilities for the Test Analyst
  • Test Progress Monitoring and Control
  • Distributed, Outsourced and Insourced Testing
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Test Techniques
  • Specification-Based Techniques
  • Equivalence Partitioning
  • Boundary Value Analysis
  • Decision Tables
  • Cause-Effect Graphing
  • State Transition Testing
  • Combinatorial Testing Techniques
  • Use Case Testing
  • User Story Testing
  • Domain Analysis
  • Combining Techniques
  • Defect-Based Techniques
  • Using Defect-Based Techniques
  • Defect Taxonomies
  • Experience-Based Techniques
  • Error Guessing
  • Checklist-Based Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Applying the Best Technique
  • Testing Software Quality Characteristics
  • Quality Characteristics for Business Domain Testing
  • Accuracy Testing
  • Suitability Testing
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Reviews
  • Using Checklists in Reviews
  • Defect Management
  • When Can a Defect be Detected
  • Defect Report Fields
  • Defect Classification
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Test Tools
  • Test Tools and Automation
  • Test Design Tools
  • Test Data Preparation Tools
  • Automated Test Execution Tools

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